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Assemble the mighty Avengers, your cupcakes will be the best in the universe with these personalised toppers!


This A4 edible icing sheet contains 12 images, each at 2.25”, which can be used to top your yummy creations.

Marvel Avengers Cupcake Toppers - 12x 2.25"

    Currently dispatching within 1-3 working days
    If no personalisation is provided, text toppers will be replaced with similar themed images.


    Store flat, in the resealable plastic bag provided, in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight (18-20 deg. C) until ready to use. If stored in this way the icing sheet will last up to 6 months. Carefully remove the plastic backing sheet before cutting out with dry, clean, sharp scissors. When cut, apply the topper to the cake using a small amount of water, edible glue or a bit of buttercream and gently press it down onto your cake. If you wish to back the images to sugarpaste for stability, especially for use on top of cupcakes, please follow the below instructions. This will need to be done around 3 days prior to your event in order to set fully (you could use modelling paste if you need these to set sooner than 3 days).

    • Roll out sugarpaste to ¼ inch thickness,
    • Using a circle cutter the same size as your toppers, cut out enough circles for your cupcakes
    • Leave to dry (do not cover)
    • Make buttercream for the tops of your cupcakes (For 12 cupcakes, I use 250g butter, at room temperature, mixed with 500g sieved icing sugar, and a drop of flavouring)
    • Pipe your buttercream onto your cupcakes
    • Using dry and clean scissors, cut along the black outlines of your icing sheet toppers
    • Add a small amount of water or edible glue to your sugarpaste discs and a